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The Humanitarian Affairs Officer (HAO) helps MSF to expose the impact that conflict and neglect have on the people we serve and to advocate for them in order to improve the humanitarian and human rights situation among population. He/she also ensures and maintains access to our patients. The role of an HAO is incredibly varied; supporting the mission in the analysis of context, humanitarian situation and security as well as in the definition of advocacy strategies, building a sensitive advocacy strategy, writing reports on the exclusion of certain communities from medical care are part of the HAO role.


Tasks & Duties

  • Perform data collection and research concerning local and international context, with regards to security, medical, nutritional and humanitarian issues, in order to provide reliable information for further decision-making.
  • Compile regular updates of the ongoing (inter-)national activities and plans of  NGOs, donors, authorities and other actors on lobby, policy and operational plans and initiatives in order to adequate MSF ’s activities and objectives.
  • Define and review messages, tools, lobbying activities and other advocacy action plans and strategies, in order to raise all humanitarian issues in the mission and seek assistance and protection to affected population.
  • Organize discussions, trainings, briefings, etc. about human rights and humanitarian law issues and current and future advocacy activities, in order to raise awareness of MSF staff regarding these matters.
  • Supervises humanitarian affairs related staff in the Mission.


Essential requirements

  • University degree, preferably a Master’s degree in one of the following fields: anthropology/social/political sciences, law, gender studies, protection
  • Minimum of two years relevant work experience (preferably in a field context)
  • Good understanding of current humanitarian debates and of the dilemma/compromise nature of modern humanitarian interventions
  • First-rate writing skills and excellent research/analytical skills
  • Fluency in English with emphasis on high communication skills (oral and written)  
  • Advanced computer literacy
  • Availability to work 12 months

Desirable requirements

  • Professional experience supervising, managing or training staff
  • Knowledge of other languages, in particular French and/or Arabic
  • Previous international experience with INGOs, UN agencies, other humanitarian organisations, charities, etc.
  • Experience working in developing countries


Key Personality Competencies

  • Commitment to MSF Principles
  • Cross-cultural awareness
  • Flexibility and negotiation skills
  • Ability to manage stress
  • Advanced team- working skills
  • Results and quality orientation
  • Willingness to work in unstable areas


Before you apply


Because ‘Médecins Sans Frontières’ (MSF) purpose is to bring medical assistance to people in distress, the work may occur in settings of active conflict, or in post-conflict environments, in which there are inherent risks, potential danger and ongoing threats to safety and security. MSF acknowledges that it is impossible to exclude all risks, but it does its utmost as an organization to mitigate and manage these risks through strict and comprehensive security protocols.

Field workers will be fully informed of the risk associated with a potential mission before accepting a particular posting. Working for MSF is a deeply personal choice; individuals must determine for themselves the level of risk and the circumstances in which they feel comfortable, based on a full and transparent understanding of the possibilities they may face. Once in the mission, all MSF staff must strictly observe security rules and regulations; failure to do so may result in dismissal.

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