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As a water, hygiene and sanitation (WATSAN) expert, you design and manage water supply and sanitation projects, in support of the medical activities.


Tasks & Duties

  • In collaboration with Coordination teams, design, implement and manage WATSAN activities such as water supply, excreta disposal, waste management, hygiene and infection control
  • Conduct routine WATSAN assessments in collaboration with the medical team in order to identify specific WATSAN needs and make recommendations for response activities as well as for emergency strategies and resources
  • Plan and oversee WATSAN stock inventories (proper purchasing, ensuring availability, appropriate technical specifications for equipment)
  • Provide technical support to the medical team in identifying possible risk factors (e.g. behavioural practices, environmental sources of infection and transmission routes) and offer solutions for infection control
  • Manage, train and supervise the WATSAN team through activities such as capacity-building, briefing/debriefing and evaluation of staff
  • Plan and coordinate the budget for WATSAN activities in order to respond to the needs of the target population


Essential requirements

  • At least two years’ professional experience in water and sanitation (e.g. water, hygiene, waste management, sanitation, vector control)
  • Strong command of English
  • Advanced computer literacy
  • Availability to work 12 months


Desirable requirements

  • Relevant diploma, preferably a university degree (e.g. engineering, public heath)
  • Experience in a medical setting
  • Professional experience in supervising, managing, or training staff 
  • Knowledge of other languages, in particular French and/or Arabic
  • Previous international experience with INGOs, UN agencies, other humanitarian organisations, charities, etc.
  • Experience in working in developing countries


Key Personality Competencies

  • Commitment to MSF Principles
  • Cross-cultural awareness
  • Flexibility and negotiation skills
  • Ability to manage stress
  • Advanced team-working skills
  • Results and quality orientation
  • Willingness to work in unstable areas


Before you apply


Because ‘Médecins Sans Frontières’ (MSF) purpose is to bring medical assistance to people in distress, the work may occur in settings of active conflict, or in post-conflict environments, in which there are inherent risks, potential danger and ongoing threats to safety and security. MSF acknowledges that it is impossible to exclude all risks, but it does its utmost as an organization to mitigate and manage these risks through strict and comprehensive security protocols.

Field workers will be fully informed of the risk associated with a potential mission before accepting a particular posting. Working for MSF is a deeply personal choice; individuals must determine for themselves the level of risk and the circumstances in which they feel comfortable, based on a full and transparent understanding of the possibilities they may face. Once in the mission, all MSF staff must strictly observe security rules and regulations; failure to do so may result in dismissal.

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